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Best Mexican places in Seattle, WA
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2820 Alki Avenue SW, Seattle, WA
Mojitos in 26 mentions
Dungeness crab in 4 mentions
Coconut ice cream in 14 mentions
Steak fajitas in 16 mentions
219 Broadway E, Seattle, WA
Carne asada tacos in 42 mentions
Al pastor in 13 mentions
Baby burritos in 2 mentions
Marinated pork in 5 mentions
Mexican coke in 2 mentions
5314 15th Ave NW, Seattle, WA
Fish tacos in 32 mentions
Carne asada burrito in 27 mentions
Asada taco in 4 mentions
Cochinita pibil in 4 mentions
Tamales in 12 mentions
11728 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA
Fish tacos in 53 mentions
Carne asada tacos in 27 mentions
Asada burrito in 5 mentions
1021 Occidental Ave, Seattle, WA
Veggie tacos in 5 mentions
Fish tacos in 24 mentions
Carne asada in 17 mentions
1140 Elliott Ave W, Seattle, WA
Soft tacos in 9 mentions
1420 12th Ave, Seattle, WA
Free chips and salsa in 52 mentions
Goat cheese in 7 mentions
Yucca fries in 35 mentions
Tortilla chips in 13 mentions
1000 E Pike St, Seattle, WA
Infused tequila in 15 mentions
Mushroom tacos in 9 mentions
Chicken tacos in 20 mentions
Outside MacPherson's, Seattle, WA
14056 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA
Carne asada in 4 mentions
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