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Best $$$ places in Alexandria, VA
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722 King St, Alexandria, VA
Tomato risotto in 58 mentions
Osso bucco in 11 mentions
Creamy polenta in 6 mentions
119 King St, Alexandria, VA
Crab soup in 24 mentions
Stuffed shrimp in 4 mentions
Wrapped scallops in 4 mentions
Filet mignon in 4 mentions
Great crab cakes in 39 mentions
218 N Lee St, Alexandria, VA
Flat iron steak in 9 mentions
Rack of lamb in 14 mentions
Foie gras in 10 mentions
Caesar salad in 12 mentions
Raspberry souffle in 5 mentions
1 Cameron St, Alexandria, VA
Chocolate lava cake in 41 mentions
Ny strip in 3 mentions
Creme brulee in 8 mentions
Tilapia in 6 mentions
Red snapper in 4 mentions
1120 King St, Alexandria, VA
Hanger steak in 14 mentions
Panna cotta in 7 mentions
Granola in 4 mentions
1201 N Royal St, Alexandria, VA
Shrimp beignets in 39 mentions
Duck breast in 8 mentions
Apple tatin in 8 mentions
Chocolate cake in 12 mentions
480 King St, Alexandria, VA
Wedge salad in 6 mentions
Crab cakes in 42 mentions
French fries in 5 mentions
Bread pudding in 13 mentions
Side of hash browns in 4 mentions
1600 King St, Alexandria, VA
Pork belly in 6 mentions
Braised pork shank in 21 mentions
Lobster ravioli in 12 mentions
Duck breast in 4 mentions
Roast beef in 4 mentions
1121 King St, Alexandria, VA
Rosemary chicken in 4 mentions
Potato tater in 4 mentions
Cinnamon carrots in 4 mentions
127 N Washington St, Alexandria, VA
Caesar salad in 8 mentions
House salad in 6 mentions
Duck breast in 4 mentions
Vanilla ice cream in 8 mentions
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