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Best Asian Fusion places in Cypress, CA
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10509 Valley View St, Cypress, CA
5721 Lincoln Ave, Cypress, CA
Beef short ribs in 103 mentions
Cinnamon yellow cake in 73 mentions
Pork spare ribs in 33 mentions
Fish plate in 10 mentions
5950 Corporate Ave, Cypress, CA
Hawaiian shaved ice in 81 mentions
Lemon bar in 18 mentions
Halo halo in 31 mentions
Snow ice in 10 mentions
10953 Meridian Dr, Cypress, CA
Baked blue crab roll in 62 mentions
Spider roll in 5 mentions
Tempura roll in 6 mentions
Black dragon roll in 28 mentions
5890 Lincoln Ave, Cypress, CA
Fried egg in 6 mentions
Fried shrimp in 3 mentions
Fried rice in 9 mentions
Teriyaki bowl in 3 mentions
Teriyaki beef in 6 mentions
9111 Valley View St, Cypress, CA
Chicken bowl in 2 mentions
Side of beef in 2 mentions
White rice in 2 mentions
10205 Valley View St, Cypress, CA
Calamari roll in 4 mentions
Lunch special in 5 mentions
Jalapeno poppers in 4 mentions
Hot sake in 4 mentions
French kiss roll in 17 mentions
9111 Valley View Ave, Cypress, CA
Steamed veggies in 2 mentions
White rice in 2 mentions
10488 Valley View St, Buena Park, CA
4498 Lincoln Ave, Cypress, CA
Mongolian bbq in 2 mentions
Orange chicken in 3 mentions
Fried chicken in 2 mentions
Fresh fruit in 2 mentions
Crab legs in 3 mentions
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* These dish recommendations are for planning purposes only. It may be advisable to check with restaurant for latest menu before getting your hopes up.