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Best $ places in Highland Park, NJ
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154 Woodbridge Ave, Highland Park, NJ
Cali cheeseburger in 13 mentions
Onion rings in 9 mentions
Cheese fries in 9 mentions
Burgers and fries in 3 mentions
9 Spring St, New Brunswick, NJ
Hot dogs in 44 mentions
Spicy chorizo in 4 mentions
Sweet potato fries in 3 mentions
Corn dog in 3 mentions
Chili fries in 3 mentions
811 Raritan Ave, Highland Park, NJ
Vanilla soft serve in 8 mentions
Italian ices in 2 mentions
Cookies and cream in 2 mentions
Rum raisin in 2 mentions
327 Raritan Ave, Highland Park, NJ
89 Morris St, New Brunswick, NJ
Sunshine burger in 2 mentions
Mango smoothie in 2 mentions
Mushroom wrap in 2 mentions
112 Church St, New Brunswick, NJ
Chicken fajita wrap in 6 mentions
Cheesesteak wrap in 2 mentions
Tater tots in 2 mentions
Tuna melt in 2 mentions
228 George St, New Brunswick, NJ
Fried chicken in 3 mentions
Chicken fingers in 4 mentions
Buffalo wings in 2 mentions
Veggie wrap in 2 mentions
French fries in 2 mentions
371 George St, New Brunswick, NJ
Thai iced tea in 2 mentions
Bahn mi in 4 mentions
Egg rolls in 6 mentions
Noodle soup in 4 mentions
Grilled pork in 5 mentions
6 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ
Soy garlic wings in 6 mentions
White rice in 6 mentions
Korean tacos in 10 mentions
Bubble tea in 6 mentions
380 George St, New Brunswick, NJ
Jersey super in 2 mentions
Turkey wrap in 2 mentions
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