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Best Korean places in Seattle, WA
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132 N Canal St, Seattle, WA
Spicy pork tacos in 114 mentions
Spam sliders in 88 mentions
Kalua pork sliders in 89 mentions
Kimchi fried rice in 160 mentions
1412 Harvard Ave, Seattle, WA
Spicy pork tacos in 63 mentions
Mac salad in 8 mentions
Kimchi fried rice in 120 mentions
Pickled jalapenos in 9 mentions
520 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA
Basil lime shrimp in 47 mentions
Mao's string beans in 25 mentions
Hot and sour soup in 20 mentions
Mongolian beef in 11 mentions
3506 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA
Smoked tofu in 23 mentions
Cucumber kimchi in 30 mentions
Short ribs in 30 mentions
Smoked pork belly in 23 mentions
4142 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle, WA
Green onion pancakes in 31 mentions
Kimchi in 9 mentions
Bulgogi in 11 mentions
Seafood pancake in 22 mentions
Beef short ribs in 9 mentions
219 Broadway E, Seattle, WA
Seafood pancake in 21 mentions
Beef short ribs in 11 mentions
Kimchi bistro's in 117 mentions
Flying fish in 5 mentions
Banchan in 11 mentions
309 Pontius Ave N, Seattle, WA
Kahlua pork sliders in 6 mentions
Kalbi beef tacos in 6 mentions
Spicy pork taco in 20 mentions
Tofu taco in 4 mentions
Chicken tacos in 3 mentions
86 Pine St, Seattle, WA
Bulgogi sliders in 18 mentions
Fried chicken wings in 33 mentions
Rice beer in 5 mentions
Fried rice cake in 32 mentions
Seafood pancake in 4 mentions
5210 University Way NE, Seattle, WA
Green onion pancake in 5 mentions
1404 34th Ave, Seattle, WA
Braised short ribs in 17 mentions
Hanger beef in 2 mentions
Coupage burger in 21 mentions
Duck confit in 2 mentions
Beef platter in 2 mentions
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